• Kaldin – Online Examination Software

    The concept of Kaldin has arrived at a time when run-of-the-mill websites are offering sub-standard, inflexible and over-priced services for conducting tests. Kaldin offers its clients a simple and a relaxed interface, hassle-free flow from one test process to the other, rigid and top-notch tech for E-Assessment of data, and avenues for conducting Adaptive Tests, Classification Tests and the simpler Aptitude Aided Tests; apart from a completely flexible feature package that is easy on your finances and keeps its primary priority as your examination process.

    Kaldin is the first fully customizable application that you can mold as per your requirements. We have a strong, multi – functional base software that we use as a primer to create the interface, and include/exclude the features you want in your Kaldin online exam.

    Advantages of Kaldin – Online Examination Software

    • Save time and money
    • Hosted online Examination – no software to install so you’re up and running in minutes
    • Create, save and customize exams for each user or group
    • Set and reset exams as often as you like with unlimited questions
    • View and analyze results instantly
    • Provide personal feedback to users
    • Easy to track multiple users and exams
    • All data is kept secure and private.

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