Quality Assurance / Testing

Quality Assurance Process:

S5 Infotech Independent testing services Extends the world class testing practices with widely spread-ed testing methodologies and a dedicated team to ensure quality standards are applied throughout the application and continuous innovations. Our QA process not only includes an extensive testing related to the functional flow but emphasis adding the value to the application. S5 Infotech QA process targets for the solutions.

Synergistic relationships with clients and vendors, Quality Assurance and testing require 360-degrees knowledge in our client’s specifications, While we enjoy in preparing the end-to-end scenarios, Re-usable Test cases at coding phase of SDLC which leads optimized time utilization and results as well while testing the application

S5 Infotech SDLC & TLC Process:

QA Process

S5 Infotech QA-process includes all levels of testing for applications which includes, Functional, User Interface, Performance, Security, Cross browser compatibility, System, System integration, Regression and user acceptance. Web & Desktop Applications Testing Approach. Deals with world class test practice approach & a dedicated team to Innovate & dissemination testing methodologies. S5 Infotech testing processes includes process accelerators that not only improves the quality and speed to market, but also helps you monitor overall project health throughout product development. Our process includes a stringent quality testing schedule to ensure the strictest bond to client requirements.

Independent testing team is expertise with…..

Bug-tracking tools

We at S5 Infotech use MANTIS bug tracking software. QA Operations (Bug Modeling for Schedule Predictability, Schedule/Milestone Development and Review, Project Metrics (gathering, reporting, interpretation), Test Environment Planning (hardware/software requirements), Component Prioritization, Staffing Estimates, Risk Assessments, Bug Fix Prioritization (first by significant test coverage blockers then by project severity/priority), Quality Reports (including final shipping report), Bug database creation and maintenance (including backups and restores), etc .We can also help you automate functional testing, performance & load testing and verify readiness for production.

Automation Testing Approach

S5 Infotech has a team having knowledge with QTP- functional testing tool and hands on experience with Selenium IDE and RC.

In order to perform Automation Testing, on web applications S5 Infotech extensively uses open source tool like Selenium for its multiple browser compatibility and also for reliable cross browser testing. As a reliable selenium testing company, we will first create an automation plan consisting of “Requirements to be Automated”, “Preparation of Test Bed” & “Test Script Development Schedule”. Our selenium testing experts will create test scripts and will finally integrate with your nightly builds. Once the test script development is finished, our staff will continue to modify them as application interface & functionality changes

S5 Infotech is having huge number of on hand experienced resources with Selenium IDE. We use Selenium for performing micro level regression testing and Cross browser compatibility testing.

Creating Script: In the first step of test script development we use Selenium IDE to quickly record test cases in Firefox. Combining the recording capability and in-built IDE that allows editing the scripts, initial set of test scripts are prepared in real environment.

Enhancing Scripts: HTML test cases generated from Selenium IDE using Selenium commands are good enough for small applications. But for complex applications, we use Selenium RC, to prepare automated test cases in preferred languages.

Executing the Test beds: Selenium test cases are run on Selenium RC or Selenium IDE itself depending on the complexity and amount of test cases. Once a defect is spotted we log that into the bug tracking system. And the test case history is maintained to indicate defects it spotted.

Script maintenance: Every time application undergoes major changes the test cases undergo a maintenance cycle to overcome the changes. But even without any major changes we schedule test script maintenance at regular intervals to improve their scope and coverage

Mobile Testing Approach

S5 Infotech Mobile testing Experts has close interaction with iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian Operating systems from the initial era of mobile revolution; The Huge Experience gained from testing the App’s and Wap’s by our QA-experts will help you to create world class Mobile applications. The huge number of devices, Emulators that are available with our device library will add advantage to our QA-experts to make ensure the quality of the application in a short time period.

S5 Infotech keep on updating our knowledge with App Store guidelines and our QA-experts keep those guide lines on mind while testing the mobile application and ensures that application should be accepted by the app store.

Unless your application can be tested across every possible browser, operating system, language and location with multiple devices it might not be a Quality product.

Here we help you..to compete in the market with a quality mobile application product.. We are here not only for finding bugs…But by our value adding services we are keep on providing the conversion targeting suggestions by our highly experienced QA-Experts.

QA-experts are expertise with testing WAP and APPS….Mobile business applications can be classified into standalone applications (APPS) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Standalone applications reside in the device and do not interface with external systems. Conversely, WAP’s are built to perform resource-intensive transactions that are typical of corporate computing environments. WAP applications also interface with external systems through or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP).


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